ProSeries 51

ProSeries 51The Professional Line of Water Softeners

Advanced water treatment systems designed to provide families with great tasting sparkling soft water.

51PS – 34,600 grain capacity

For well water applications. Whole house softening and filtration, reduces ferrous iron and monitors water usage.

User Friendly controller
Just enter your water hardness number and the controller does the rest automatically

Bypass Valve

  • Factory Installed
  • Easy to operate
  • 3/4″ or 1″ Connections
  • Convenient Test Port
  • Blending Valve

Built-In Filter

  • Whole-House, Built-In Dirt and Sediment Filtration
  • Never Buy Another Cartridge Filter
  • Exclusive Self-Cleaning Media Filters to 20 Microns

High Capacity Fine Mesh Resin

Exclusive Distribution System

Unique Safety Shut-Off Valve